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Expansion Anchors
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"FIX" Epoxy Anchoring System
"FIX" epoxy is a 100% solid, odor free, two part component high strength, non sagging epoxy resin adhesive for vertical and overhead bolt and dowel grouting, patching, gap filling, joining irregular shaped materials and as a binder in epoxy mortar. "FIX" epoxy is moisture insensitive and may be used on a dry, damp or wet surfaces. "FIX" epoxy cartridge system is available in 22 oz. (600 ml) and provides a unique method of handling, storing, and dispensing of the two part components materials. "FIX" cartridges are ideal for low to medium volume material users that wish to eliminate problems associated with the use of two component epoxy adhesive. "FIX" epoxy is also available in gallon unit designed for plural component mix machines or manual mixing and troweling.
Concrete Construction
New and Old Concrete
Crack Repairs
Bolt and Dowel Grouting
Anchoring Deformed Tie Bars
Adhesives for Wood, Metal, Fiberglass
Gel Time: 6 Minutes  
Viscosity: heavy paste
Consistency: non - sag grey gel
Water Absorption: 0.02%
Deflection Temperature: 121F
Compressive Strength (24 hrs.): 6700 PSI
Diagonal Shear Strength: 6365 PSI
Pull Out (#4 bar) 12" embed depth: 16000 PSI

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